Members Club Fishing Competition


There is a voucher for fish closest to average weight of all fish weighed in over the two days.

All club events, including salt water events, will allow you to earn points that count towards the club points trophy awarded at our annual prize giving so don’t miss out.



The event is open to members only. 

There is no entry fee. You must have a vaccination pass. 

All entrants must hold a valid Taupo Fishing Licence and you must show your licence at weigh in. You may only fish Lake Taupo and its tributaries and abide by Taupo fishing rules. 

Fishing commences at 5.00 am on Saturday. Fish caught on Saturday to be weighed in at Taupo Rod & Tackle (the shop closes at 4pm Saturday) and have a catch card completed to bring to the club on Sunday. Weigh in at the club rooms on Sunday at 2.00pm. You must be at the club rooms by 2pm on Sunday to enter the competition.

Each angler may weigh in 1 (one) fish per day.

Those who wish to enter on a catch and release method are to supply a photograph of the fish on digital scales for weight competition and also a photo with a measure of length for condition factor. 

There is one Taupo Rod and Tackle voucher to be won to a maximum of $50 depending on the number of fish weighed in. The voucher will go to the angler of the fish that is closest to the average weight of all fish weighed in.

It is important to meet club health and safety requirements that you let a responsible person know where you are fishing on both days!

A points system was agreed: 

  • 10 points for heaviest fish
  • 10 points for best condition
  • 5 points for second heaviest fish 
  • 5 points for second best condition
  • 3 points for third heaviest fish
  • 3 points for third best condition
  • 1 point for entering competition for those not scoring any points

However on the points system, someone having heaviest fish, 10 points & best condition, 10 points, will be awarded 20 points. 




Weighmaster is Graham Vowles - Tel 027 2829013. 


 Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries.


√ Taupo Fishing Club Catch Card


 √ Taupo Fishing Club Catch Board Rule - 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022