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Where Legacy Meets the Line – Taupo Fishing Club Chronicles

Established in the early 1970s as the Taupo Fly Fishing Club, our journey began with passionate fly-fishermen gathering at the Lake Hotel. Officially formed in 1975, our early members, including notable figures in fishing literature, laid the foundation for a community centered around shared stories, Friday night camaraderie, and a love for trout fishing in the Taupo area.

In 1983, our dreams materialized with the completion of our dedicated club rooms on the AC reserve. The inauguration coincided with a historic moment in New Zealand’s fishing history—the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Rainbow trout. Embracing a broader spectrum of fishing interests, we evolved into the Taupo Fishing Club in 1990.

Club Activities

Club Facilities & Bar

Members are welcome to club meetings every Thursday evening and first Friday of the month from 5.30 pm at  37 A C Bath Club Room. Join us for a drink and a chance to win the members draw.

Fly tying lessons and competitions

Our resident fly tying champion and instructor shares different fly tying techniques. Look out for our club newsletters and events.

Taupo Rod and Tackle Quarterly Weight-ins

There is a voucher sponsored by Taupo Rod and Tackle for fish closest to average weight of all fish weighed in over the two days, so don’t miss out!

Club trips & competitions

To encourage club members we organise fortnightly club trips around and outside of our region. Join our local and interclub competitions for a social fishing excursion.

Committee Members

Our dedicated and passionate committee generously offer their time to support the sport and foster camaraderie. We are constantly seeking new members to join us in our mission.

Our Sponsors

Recognising the invaluable support of our generous sponsors, we extend our heartfelt invitation to embrace the exceptional benefits of sponsoring our fishing club.

Taupo Fishing Club


For any enquiries please email to taupofc@gmail.com

President Graham Vowles
027 282 9013


Club Address: 37 A C Baths Ave, Taupo
Postal Address: PO Box 1735, Taupo 3351

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